Stay The Course with Stocks

You may have heard on the news that the stock market has had a bit of a rough go at in during October.  Several days where the DOW has lost over 500 points and generally a lot of volatility in the market. Some news programs are casting doom and gloom and predicting a massive sell

Lotto Fever

Lotto Fever   If you haven’t heard, lottery fever has gripped the country.  With the Mega Millions not having a winner last Friday, the jackpot grows to over 1.6 Billion dollars.  You read that right… that’s BILLION with a B. With a jackpot so high, people start coming out of the woodwork to buy tickets.

What to do if I die

What to do financially if I die A grave topic I know.  But as much as it is something I don’t want to talk about it could happen.  Since I manage the bulk of the finances in our household(shocking, I know), it seems imperative to write a letter to my wife for some guidance on