Investing at all-time highs

Investing at all-time highs   With the latest market turmoil that we had in October 2018, it got me wondering how to stay focused and continue the path to saving for retirement when investing at all-time highs.  Some people think the stock market only has one way to go and that is down. Here is

CD Ladder

Amazing benefits of the CD ladder A reader writes in about what to do with some excess savings beyond their emergency fund.  When I questioned them about what this money is for and how long till they anticipate to use/need it, they stated they are very conservative and are just looking for something simple but

Should I count my employer match

Question:  A reader writes in wondering if they should count their 401k match their employer gives them as part of the recommended 15% savings rate!   To do or not to do that is the question.  Okay, a little play with words on Shakespeare’s Hamlet.  But in all serious should you count the match as

Stay The Course with Stocks

You may have heard on the news that the stock market has had a bit of a rough go at in during October.  Several days where the DOW has lost over 500 points and generally a lot of volatility in the market. Some news programs are casting doom and gloom and predicting a massive sell