Money Moves to Make NOW

Money Moves to Make NOW As 2018 draws to a close, it is a great time to look back on the year that was and also start our planning for 2019.  Did you have any major financial milestones in 2018? How about financial turmoil? Often it helps to think about our successes as well as

Investing is a marathon not a sprint

Investing is a marathon not a sprint A few weeks ago I was fortunate to complete the Chicago Marathon.  That experience, while great from a running standpoint, got me thinking about the lengthy journey towards retirement.  We hear all the time that Americans have short attention spans that are getting shorter all the time. We

Stay The Course with Stocks

You may have heard on the news that the stock market has had a bit of a rough go at in during October.  Several days where the DOW has lost over 500 points and generally a lot of volatility in the market. Some news programs are casting doom and gloom and predicting a massive sell