Hello all!

Our names are Rickie and David and we are less is more investors.  We both graduated with medical degrees but have a true passion for financing and investing.  We got fed up with how our fellow millennials are NOT paying down debt, NOT saving for retirement, and NOT managing their finances.  In fact, the financial world sets you up for failure by making you believe investing and managing your finances are complicated and impossible to do.  It is something YOU can do yourself.

At Less is More Investor we strive to demystify personal finance to a point that the everyday average Joe can understand.  We believe in a “hands-off” approach to both investing and wealth building.  We, after all, are our own worse enemies.  Many times, doing less will end up earning us MORE.

We hope to intrigue you and make you stop and think about your current financial situation.  We hope you enjoy our blog.  Please ask us any questions you may have and follow our blog via email, Facebook, and Instagram.  And remember, less is more with your finances.